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Stock Furniture

Coffee table: 48” wide x 20” Deep x 16.5 Tall End table: 20” wide x 24” Deep x 20.5 Tall

Table with Wheels: 72" Wide by 30" Deep

TV Cabinet


TV cabinet: 64" High, 35.5" Wide, 24.5 Depth

Study chairs


2 Brand new Study chairs with adjustible writing surface

Single Ped Desk


We are selling 2 brand new HON mahogany desks for just $175.00 each. They are 66” Wide by 30” Deep.

White Boards


We are selling a lot of used white boards so we are going to make the pricing easy. Any Whiteboard that is 4x6 or smaller is $45.00 and anything Bigger that that is $75.00.

We have 1 brand new HON Storage cabinet that we are selling for just $75.00. It is 36” wide x 18” Deep x 39” Tall.

Desk with Hutch


30x48" Desk with Drawers and hutch. It is brand new and made by Global.

Study Couch


We are selling this Study couch for just $250.00. It is made with a heavy duty Green fabric so it’s easy to clean and will last.

Red leather Side chairs. They are slightly used but in good condition. We are selling them for $15.00 each.